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In a hyper-crowded IT landscape of solutions, operators and vendors, Enhance Technology is the answer for the professionals who require a storage product that goes beyond the simple "data landing".
Enhance Technology solutions are flexible and modifiable in relation to the client's needs, then they are able to fit into an infrastructure concept, remaining extremely competitive on the market. Enhance Technology designs and certifies its solutions based on the checks and preliminary requests submitted. A System Integrator aside.

  • Enhance is an Italian brand with an Italian pre and post sales service
  • Enhance is the answer for specific application areas
  • Enhance tests and certifies its solutions
  • Enhance team of specialists is at your disposal
  • Enhance protects its Partners
  • Enhance chooses only professionals
  • Enhance is part of JMC Group, expert Technology Designer
    in Enterprise Solution


You will be able to offer professional solutions and services for specific market niches that require specific level of perfomance, like Video Surveillance, Security, Video Streaming, ERP, SAP. Enhance Technology is eager to embrace your challenges and give you the industry’s most flexible solutions.

You deserve
a Special Vendor.
We take care of you.

Enhance Technology supports its Partners with solutions tailored
to the needs of your customers, able to create its Storage solution,
customizing it to the minimum terms and supporting you step by step.

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Performance Test & Certification

We deliver a right product, calibrated, functioning - validated
and certified to meet the required needs.


We focus our efforts in giving you the correct sizing for your need.

Modular adaptive design

The great advantage in the long / short / medium / term
of being able to implement, improve, scale according to future needs.

Poc & Validation

We validate our solutions before delivering them.

Managed Deployment

We make sure that everything works well even after, on site,
in addition to our test center.

Best cost-benefit balance

We offer the best cost-benefit balance product
able to compete in its specific market.

Our Partnership Philosophy: "WINNING TOGETHER"

Become a Valued Added Partner.

The partners we choose are professionals that serves, like us, market niches
- Video Surveillance, Security, Video Streaming, ERP, SAP – with specific performance level requests
and require to offer flexible, efficient and high performance storage solutions.

  • See in Enhance Technology a co-worker not a supplier. Share with us, immediately, the necessary information to analyze and develop the projects, guaranteeing the concrete possibility of closing the business and at an high level of profitability.
  • Work in specific fields and search for value added solutions, you can rely on ET staff, solutions and our know-how to differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  • Offer a solution and not a pre-packaged, pre-negotiated product. A solution that responds perfectly to the customer's needs ensuring a continuity of the relationship, due to its ability to scale be flexible, with an excellent cost-benefit balance.
  • Need storage solutions whit precise characteristics in terms of performance, scalability and reliability, at a cost that is in line with the expectations of that specific market.

  • Love challenges and like us, have the ambition to grow
    in specific areas that Enhance Technology knows very well
    and in which it is able to succeed.

  • Support us as a co-worker, not as a Client.
    In this way we can work at your side supporting you totally.


Join our Team! Ask for our Partner Program, discover our Storage Solutions and how to boost up your business.
We have a special plan for you.

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We support our Partners with tailored made solutions, based on the specific needs of their customers.
We create customized Storage solutions supporting them step by step.

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