About us

Value added Storage Vendor


Enhance Technology is focused on designing highly flexible and customizable Storage solutions, conceived in its own Design Center in Milan.
The Enhance Technology solutions are designed and certified to meet the needs of specific application areas, within an IT infrastructure.

Enhance Technology offers solutions and not pre-packaged, pre-configured products. Enhance Technology solutions respond perfectly to the needs of the customers and ensure the continuity thanks to their scalability and flexibility, with an excellent cost-benefit ratio. Where mid–range performances are required, Enhance Technology has the right solution.

Enhance Technology is part of the JMC Group, and is composed by a team of IT experts that invests all its know-how to build solutions that respond perfectly to your client's infrastructure project requirements.

At your side,
step by step

Enhance Technology supports the Partners with tailored made solutions, developed in relation to the customers’ needs and customized in every detail.


Performance Test & Certification

We deliver the right product, calibrated, functioning - validated
and certified to meet the required needs.


We focus our efforts in giving you the correct sizing for your need.

Modular adaptive design

The great advantage in the long / short / medium / term
of being able to implement, improve, scale according to future needs.

Poc & Validation

We validate our solutions before delivering them.

Managed Deployment

We make sure that everything works well
from the test center to on site.

Best cost-benefit balance

We deliver the solutions that meet the requirements
with the best cost-benefit balance.


We support our Partners with tailored made solutions, based on the specific needs of their customers.
We create customized Storage solutions supporting them step by step.

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